Islay FestivalThe 2015 Islay Festival will run from Friday 22nd May – Sat 30 May 2015.

A hundred thousand welcomes to our lovely island – Ceud Mìle Fàilte

Carson nach gabh sibh cuairt dhan taobh siar am bliadhna agus taghail air Fèis Ìle? Gu cinnteach geibh sibh fàilte chridheil, caoimhneas, òrain bàrdachd, eachdraidh, pìobaireachd, biadh, clasaichean seinn, clasaichean gàidhlig agus iomadh ruit eile. Bidh sibh toilichte gun tàinaig sibh ann.

Why don’t you take a trip west this year and visit Fèis Ìle? Truly you will receive a warm welcome, kindness, songs, poetry, history, piping, food, classes for Gaelic song and language and more. You will be pleased you came.

Every year we have a diverse programme featuring traditional music, ceilidhs, Gaelic lessons, golf, bowling and whisky tasting.

The Festival is held in the last week of May every year. 2014 will be our thirtieth year, so we must be doing something right!

For the last number of years all of the Islay distilleries have held open days throughout the week of the festival, adding to the mix!

Come along and enjoy a week long celebration of music and all that Islay has to offer.